Here you can find news of the various projects I am part of, including the latest concert announcements. For information dating further back click here. All mp3 and ogg files on this site are published under a Creative Commons licence (cc) so feel free to listen and download.



-» Interview and new piece part of Studio Elektronische Musik radio show on WDR3 (25/06/14)


-» Live radio play performed with Sarah Washington and Xentos 'Fray' Bentos off-grid in the Ürzig vineyards, broadcast by Soundart Radio in Totnes (16/06/14)

-» 48h live Mobile Radio broadcast from the Radio As Art conference in Bremen, relayed by four radio stations (05-07/06/14)

-» Member of the Resonance Radio Orchestra for the opening performance at the Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound exhibition in London (19/05/14)

-» Sound work 'I reheated a dead Schnitzel' by Mobile Radio and dieb13 broadcast as part of I MARRIED A DEAD ICECREAM at LABoral, Gijon (18/05/14)

-» Contribution to datscharadio at the state garden fair in Gießen (04/05/14)

-» Hörmaschine - Translocal live stream performance with Sarah Washington (Ürzig) and Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini) for Marold Langer-Philippsen at in Berlin (16/03/14)

-» dahelujokn - edit from improvisation with David Haines, Henk Bakker, Lukas Simonis and Joyce Hinterding is played on the Radia Network (10 - 16/03/14)

-» Jamming Radio - Translocal live stream performance with Sarah Washington (Ürzig) and Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini) for Marold Langer-Philippsen at EBU Ars Acustica plenary meeting in Geneva (13/03/14)

-» Mobile Radio productions Duration unknown and The Sound of Yeast were part of Saout Radio's sound installation in taxis as part of the 5th Biennale of Marrakech (25/02 - 02/03/14)

-» Minus16 - a sound piece by Tonic Train is played at galerie dira in Prague (17/01 - 22/02/14)

-» Special guest at the Radio Radio event at WORM, Rotterdam (17/01/14)

-» Publication of video documenting the Dubbelradio festival (20/12/13)

-» Lecture and performance streamed to the Media Ecology of Radio symposium at YCAM, Japan (16/11/13)

The Long Night Of Yeast, durational broadcast of fermentations sounds from wine cellar in Kinheim (4-5/11/13)

-» Radio hacking workshop and Placard performance at Klapperstein radio meeting in Mulhouse (24-26/10/13)

-» Radio work 'In Memoriam' is played on WDR3 (18/10/13)

-» Organisation, production and performance for 24h two frequency radio art festival Dubbelradio in Stockholm (21-22/09/13)

-» Workshop at Konsthall C in Stockholm (10-22/09/13)

-» Tonic Train concert at the wine fest of Rita + Rudolf Trossen in Kinheim (19/07/13)

-» Two performances at the Addicted2Random festival in Halle (10-11/07/13)

-» Workshop at Konsthall C in Stockholm (25/05-02/06/13)

-» Tonic Train concert with Johannes Bergmark and Sören Runolf at Fylkingen in Stockholm (29/05/13)

-» Mobile Radio talk at the EBU Ars Acustica meeting in Cologne (25/04/13)

-» Mobile Radio joins Marold Langer-Philippsen for the eighth part of Paradise Lost at Kunstradio in Vienna (24/02/13)

-» Tonic Train concert at Bloeder dritter Mittwoch at Rhiz in Vienna (20/02/13)

-» Mobile Radio meets Willem de Ridder for the Art's Birthday party at the Weserburg Museum in Bremen (17/01/13)

Mobile Radio BSP, radio station at the 30th São Paulo biennial in Brazil (03/09 - 09/12/12)

-» Tonic Train concert as part of the NMElindo concert series in Campinas (29/11/12)

-» Tonic Train concert at MuBE in São Paulo (24/11/12)

-» Tonic Train concert at Trackers in São Paulo (18/10/12)

-» Radio performance and workshop for Octopus Collective in Barrow (30/06/12)

-» Talk at khm in Cologne (29/05/12)

-» Presentation of the Radia network at the [Sonor] festival in Nantes (03/05/12)

-» Tonic Train concert at 10th anniversary party of Resonance104.4fm in London (01/05/12)

-» Tonic Train concert at Lothringer13 in Munich (08/02/12)

-» Guest musician of the ICI ensemble in Munich (27/01/12)

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