This page contains links to music of my own and collaborative projects, more information can be found on the Projects page. All mp3 and ogg files are published under this Creative Commons licence. Many of the sound files are hosted courtesy of other sites such as the jokebux.


Online sound installation


For download...

solo works of electronic music are now collected on   »
Tonic Train Art's Birthday 2008 at Radio Kinesonus   »mp3
Tonic Train Live at FSK Hamburg   »mp3
Tonic Train Live in Marseille   »mp3
Radio piece Toilet Tag   »mp3
King Alfaman + Needleboy kidz r Bohman   »mp3
Duo with Phil Minton Live in Enschede 2   »mp3
Dead Sea Sound Orchestra (click on track 7)   »mp3
P Sing Cho Long Nosed   »mp3/ogg
The Bosch Experience Track 1   »mp3/ogg
The Bosch Experience soundtrack   »mp3/ogg
Violet Cab meets Tonic Train VCTT2   »mp3/ogg
Violet Cab meets Tonic Train VCTT3   »mp3/ogg
Tonic Train + Xentos Live at the Gasometer   »mp3/ogg
Tonic Train toenemen   »mp3/ogg

To listen...

Excerpts from Mobile Radio broadcasts   »here

To watch...

Tonic Train Live at okno   »view
Rapid Ear Movement We Call It A Day   »view
Rapid Ear Movement umweg um wege   »view
Rapid Ear Movement subsimi   »view
Vowels and Consonants part 1   »view
Vowels and Consonants part 2   »view

On request...

Anionic PolyComposite   »wav

For sale...

London Improvisers Orchestra    »CD1  »CD2  »CD3  »CD4
Lol Coxhill    »CD1  »CD2
t-u-b-e gebeugt 2005 (5.1 audio only, v. a.)   »DVD
The Art of the Gremlin (v. a.)    »CD
Signal (v. a.)    »CD
Vibrö 3 (v. a.)    »CD
Dwight Frizell    »CD
Relay 8 (v. a.)    »CD
Resonance 9.2 CD (v. a.)    »CD
Resonance 10.2 CD (v. a.)    »CD
Talking Crosswalks (v. a.)    »CD